A peaceful journey through Alexander Kadow’s photography

Born in 1985 in Germany, Alexander Kadow takes photos with a conceptual approach creating a new ethereal vision of beauty and abstractness.

In the last 10 years images has developed new techniques of making photography that are not limited only to grasping the subject but are focused on grasping the sensation and thanks to the new way of communicating with social media, abstract photography is experiencing a new youth.

Alexander Kadow’s talent is a clear example of how photography goes beyond its limits by creating calm and clear images even when it comes to photographing pieces of a detonator.

Parts of a detonatos,2018.
Courtesy of Alexander Kadow

Raised in an area in the suburbs of Hamburg, Germany, Alexander had a first approach to photography at the age of 16 when he realizes that it can be a means to express his creativity.

“In my earlier life, art always seemed to be something for a chosen few. Today I feel that art is something everybody should involve in their life in order to think about the world from a different perspective and find new ways to perceive it “

A passion for the abstractness ,precision of mathematics and physics had led him at first to choose his studies in engineering. He had noticed that these studies were unable to satisfy his desire to philosophically understand that art can give it.

So in 2015 he began his studies at university of fine arts (HfbK, Hamburg, Germany) in order to focus on his artistic practice.

“It took quite a while to realize that becoming an artist is something I can do, or at least try to achieve. So I worked in photo studios for some years to finance my free projects always struggling between two worlds without spending enough time for each of them.

I love to play with this but with the aim not to produce scientific illustrations but something which appeals your attention through the visual layer, but lets you think in a philosophical way about the concept or a detail of the work afterwards.”

His images are the result of experimenting between digital and analogue photography with a strong visual impact that do not make the observer uncomfortable but puts him in tune with a state of calm  and catapulting him on an emotional journey miles away from the earth. A photographic observation that bring us to mind topics like quantum theory, philosophical theories like Plato’s demiurge and leads the observer to seriously re-evaluate the power of abstract art and the delicacy of its creative process.

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  1. I like that kind of photos! I didn’t know the artist but now i think that i could start following him