Dreaming the future: Italo Marseglia

Italo Marseglia is a young Italian designer who has been carrying on the brand that bears his name since 2016 and is developing in various foreign markets from Japan to the USA.

Italo Marseglia wants to be a pioneering demi-couture brand that brings back the know-how that the Italian sartorial tradition transmits by embracing the needs of today’s market. Attention to environmental issues make it a modern brand that creates products of the highest quality and workmanship with upcycling.

Editor:Hi Italo!Thank you very much for accept this interview!

Italo Marseglia:Thank you very much for this interview about my project.I’m glad.

Editor:Who is Italo Marseglia?Tell me something about your brand?

Italo Marseglia:I am a fashion design graduate at IED in Rome.  During my recent career, I have acquired first-hand experience on the design and development of many different collections and products.

I have worked as a fashion consultant for multiple realities: from high fashion in Roman ateliers to consultancies for public institutions such as the Colosseo. I have acquired a good knowledge in designing different products in relation to various production realities.

However, I have saved my tailoring abilities and my dedication to details. The search for excellent materials, which I have learnt since my very first experiences in high fashion. My aspirations and my knowledge led to the creation of my own namesake label in 2016.

 ITALO MARSEGLIA aims to be a revolutionary demi-couture brand dealing with the global trend of sustainable fashion through innovative UPCYCLING techniques. The brand is trying to give new life to wastes and scraps creating new fabrics by using them.

This happened thanks to the support and collaboration of important companies such as Sophie Hallette from which we recover precious laces originally intended for pulping. Furthermore, I continuously study new and innovative green materials, such as seaweed fabrics and natural fiber laces.

Editor:Do you feel a kinship with any other designers? Do you feel part of a specific generation of designers?

Italo Marseglia:I feel a deep kinship with many designers. Looking to my background I soon learnt as a freelance, the importance of building effective network with co-workers and friends. Unluckily we are not as the designer of 80s and 90s. Nowadays we are many more and we all fight to get a part of the global fashion scene. Anyhow we can’t be just creative designer anymore. We must be good entrepreneurs as well as good pr.

I’m sure, today, a designer could reach success just managing a good network and it must envolve other designers as well. In my collections I had the chance to work with talented designers who accepted to be part of my vision. Starting from the shoe designer James Edoardo to the great textile designer Evyè.

I feel part of that generation of designers who spend too much time paying their dues! Those designer who barely fight to get rewarded for their work. I hope we will have the chance to enjoy our success sooner or later.

Editor:Year 2020 has subjected the creative panorama to reinvent itself continuously: how did it affect your creativity?

Italo Marseglia:2020 has affected badly my creativity. As designer I feel the necessity to have a purpose, when I draw or when I imagine something. But all the network I’ve reached during past seasons had been hardly damaged. So, at the beginning, I felt lost and my creativity was so too. Only few months ago I started thinking in a new way: thinking smaller and directly to the final client. I’m dealing with the idea of coming back to a sartorial dimension. So I started again drawing and imagining new collections. I’m thinking colourful nowadays, though my black and white past.

Editor: Do you want to see your brand expand or would you rather it stayed independent?

As I previously said, I’m sure nowadays a designer needs to be a good entrepreneur of himself. So I would like to see my brand expand. I wish my label will be bought by a luxury company such as LVMH. Because I’m sure ,in this case ,I would have the chance to express my real creative potential.

The pandemic emergency had signed the borders of our world and we will need time to be again to reach the connection we used to have.

Editor:What does the notion of elegance mean to you?What about the menswear?

Italo Marseglia:Elegance to me is something innate in many cases. Elegance it’s a behaviour and an attitude for few lucky people! Many others must learn how to act like this. Elegance is something that cross each aspect of life and I’m sure the way we appear is one of the most important! I admire Japanese people for their natural grace. They are always elegant! When I deal with new collections or creations I always think about that gracious elegance and I try to occidentalize it. When I design, I always think about elegant women who want to be so for their own pleasure and not accomplish other people.

Menswear in my collections has started as a game. I started designing few pieces and it got very good press response. I was amazed and amused! So I decided to go on with it. But I can sure say that rather than womenswear my idea of menswear doesn’t match with the Italian male elegance. But this is my choice. Menswear is my funny place where I don’t have to deal with budgets and marketing requests or strategies. I can express joy and have fun dealing with my menswear  and I hope it will be like this for a very long time!

Editor:Next projects?

Italo Marseglia:I’m dealing with a small capsule collection which still deals with upcycling techniques. I’m experimenting very much about knitting.It will have a fundamental role in this capsule! I hope to present this during the next Altaroma season.





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