Fashionclash Festival

After a few weeks of investigating the possibilities to create a COVID-proof 12th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival,finally will take place in the days 26-28 February 2021

Since 2009, the FASHIONCLASH Foundation has realized more than 200 projects in the Netherlands and abroad, including China, Portugal, South Africa, Malta, Germany, Belgium, Poland,etc..

During this three-day festival, a new generation of designers and (performing) artists from home and abroad will have the opportunity to show their work to a diverse and international audience. The program for the 12th edition consists of fashion shows, exhibitions, performances, fashion talks and crossovers with performing arts. In addition, the 4th edition of the Fashion Makes Sense Award will be presented during the festival this year. On Sunday, November 29th, several local designers will present their work during the collective show The Locals.

The festival program largely takes place in ‘t Sphinxkwartier area. Through various program components, work by both proven and up-and-coming talent is presented.

‘In this current time of uncertainty, FASHIONCLASH aims to continue supporting the current generation of designers and artists by offering a platform, both nationally and internationally. We are working hard on creative solutions for the current and future situations and to give young designers and artists the attention and support they deserve.’ – FASHIONCLASH Team

This year’s program includes a new show program component that focuses more on performative experiences in which designers are challenged to actively experiment with forms of presentation and inclusive audience participation.

Designers participating in this program will enter into a dialogue with performing artists Mami Izumi and Giovanni Brand to create a unique presentation form for their new collections. In addition, there is a substantive consultation with the show production partner Sessibon.

Participating designers are Berend Brus, Marlou Breuls Creative Studio, NEO Design, MAARTEN VAN MULKEN, Rena Jansen, The Nightmare Disorder and a special presentation by XHOSA in collaboration with Black Harmony.

The campaign image for the 12th edition was developed in collaboration with virtual fashion designer Iris van Wees, who graduated from AMFI in 2019. With her graduation project she stood out and conquered a place in the Lichting 2019 selection and won the Fashion Makes Sense Award audience prize.

‘I want to stimulate and surprise people that there are other possibilities to create or to design clothing. It’s always a challenge for me to showcase an alternative way of designing, also I want to stimulate and surprise people that there are other possibilities to create or to design clothing. That’s why I use a lot of bright colors, to get attention, and to distract people. Distraction is also one of my main goals in life, so people can get out of their daily routines. I think sometimes people can get stuck in their way of doing things, their way of being, or their way of thinking, but when they see something which is really out their comfort zone, it will trigger them as well to rethink their way of working.’ – Iris van Wees

FASHIONCLASH Festival is an initiative of the Maastricht (Netherlands) based FASHIONCLASH Foundation, an interdisciplinary showcase and development platform for fashion and fashion culture and a worldwide network of new generation fashion makers and (performing) artists.





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