Florine Imo: paintings like a mirror of own life’s experience

Born in Vienna ,Florine Imo grew up on the countryside surrounded by the Vienna woods. She portraits self experiences episodes with a special technique, combining soft pastels, acrylic gel and oil colour on canvas.

The painter shows a version of herself being confronted by, or dealing with, something rather challenging. The generic idea in Florine Imo’s paintings, that always lingers behind each layer of paint, is the closeness of everything, the idea that there is no” you and me”, but just an “us”. Lately ,that idea, has evolved and her works show  an existential human struggle with figures sliding their way through life, facing obstacles and forming strategies in an endless circle of being in balance and falling out of it over and over again.

“It’s important how my figures and objects feel in my artworks, what they wear, how they stand or lay or interact. Each one of them is alive to me”

Florine Imo makes people take pictures of her in the positions that she needs for the paintings. The faces just come to her without references while sketching on to the canvas. The surroundings in the paintings are always very different. There are certain motives or objects that appear more often than others, for example the wooden floor inside of a Viennese flat, floral elements or plants, certain items of clothing or shoes, as well as daily objects that we all use today all of the time.

Different personal scenarios that can be also yours. Vegetation and floral elements, and the outside in general are aspects she portrays in her paintings. Besides that, she believes that Buddhism played a big part in how she learned to understand the world, which later of course influenced what kind of paintings she wanted to make, or more broadly, what kind of person she wanted to be.

Four Elements are also recurring as inspirational component in her paintings where she tries to convert emotions and express thoughts through weather or painting the feeling of temperature touching the skin..ecc

In addition she is influenced by travels, personal experiences, poetry, daily life. In her paintings Florine reflects her own experiences of life, still connecting all of us together in it.

“As for inspirations for my own paintings, I look toward myself. To what is happening with me and around me. I can get an idea for a painting from a dream or a memory or a poem, but in the end these are just stimulants for my soul, which I later try to unfold on to the canvas.”