Mattia Barbieri : the reflection on the nature and power of the image

Born in the mid’80, on July 10th, like Marcel Proust, Giorgio De Chirico, Jake La Motta, Nikola Tesla and Camille Pisarro, Mattia Barbieri has an artistic research that  is articulated through painting, drawing and sculpture.

In its evolution it’s possible to identify cycles, series developed in an attempt to show a different perspective of the same landscape, conceiving the potential of the practice as a multifaceted prism, understood as a sort of visual zoom able of capturing in detail different perspectives of the same scene.

What unites each cycle is the reflection on the nature of the image, constantly redefined through a hybrid language that sees the juxtaposition of apparently heterogeneous visual grammars, such as the figurative tradition of the history of Art with its sacred narratives and the digital imagery.

“I am attracted to the power of the image, that’s why I love so much Sacred Art, it is a door, a channel through which one can find contact with the invisible. Painting becomes object and subject of itself, it is like a dialect, a separate language that has its own grammar and responds only to itself, the source where everything flows together: knowledge and interests, joke and prayer, struggle and pacification, introspection and exploration of the outside world.The subject is for me an excuse to build the work, I try more than anything else to translate a feeling captured in my daily life to visibly infuse it into the works.”

Receptive, sensitive, pragmatic are characteristics that can also be found in his work, which always tends to harmonize extreme characters, heterogeneous grammars and apparently irreconcilable opposites. In his work there is a strong echo of the iconography of Lombard and Venetian paintings in which you recognize his geographical and pictorial origin(Brescia,Italy).

“The creative act is a daily necessity for me. I consider “doing” a real extension of my experience, how I live the seasons, the time, the moods, the interests to which I am dedicated in a specific moment. It is actually an alternative to verbal language. Making a painting or a sculpture is equivalent to a dialogue, I try to keep myself at the disposal of the invisible to establish a connection and be able to open a channel which manifests itself by cooperating.”

Mattia Barbieri works between Italy and New York but due to the Coronavirus pandemic,he is in Milan at the Moment. In January He will have a virtual exhibition with Virginia Bianchi Gallery and months to follow a solo show at Palazzo Martinengo in Brescia and a project with Superstudiolo in Bergamo.

He will also take part in a group show about Italian drawing at Fondazione del Monte in Bologna during the spring 2021.





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