Pablo Carpio: a new way of looking at abstract composition

Colors full of light and brush strokes that take shape are some of the characteristics of the works of this Spanish artist who explores the material possibilities of painting.

Pablo Carpio took a long way before prove to himself that he was able to achieve art career.

Born in 1979,he worked first as a graphic designer and art director for many years before he committed entirely to art practice. That happened in his late twenties, after the 2008 crisis.He decided to move to Berlin first for a while, then to New York, where he lived for six years. In 2016 he went to Mexico City for a Year, and in 2017 he came back to Madrid, where he currently lives and works.

“I used to spend time on the street with friends skateboarding and later on doing graffiti, which at the end short of shape my character and the way I learnt things in the future.”

He became througt the years a self-taught artist.

His works explores the material possibilities of painting itself, to build a language from abstract compositions in a dialogue with color, gesture and matter, regardless of any type of visual representation and based on a completely subjective experience.

A series of works that have life, full of vitality where their material aspect warms the soul of the observer and envelops envelops them with its harmonic palette of colors.

“My work is inspired by many things, mostly the ones I’ve seen or experienced in my life, such as nature, urban surroundings, …sometimes daily routines in the ordinary world surround us can be a great source of inspiration, if we take the time to really look at it, and appreciate the details happening. In terms of art, I’ve been interested in many artists, of all kinds, but probably abstract expressionism, and since I spent six years in New York, it was the most inspiring art movement for me, and also the coexisting related artists of that period of time in Europe.”




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