Sepand Danesh’s paintings are like the appearance of a corner of a mysterious world

French-Iranian artist Sépànd Danesh  focus his personal artistic research around  How to escape the corner as a metaphor of human condition of being trapped on life situations and his capacity to be able to metamorphose things.

Born in 1984, his life experience and having to leave his country of birth during his childhood have cornered him many times. In Iran he felt trapped inside things like school, the islamic laws and the country itself. His grandfather was part of a coup that failed against the Islamic republic and he got executed. After, he and his family left Iran, he felt trapped outside of everything, in a condition that looked like being in the margin of the society due to difficulties in communicating with a new culture .He felt isolated very deeply in his body and in his mind but somehow ,due to his desire to change his life, he started drawing as a substitute for language.

“One day, I saw one particular space in the studio I haven’t seen before. It was the corner of two walls. Standing there in front of me. I will never forget this moment when I realize I was facing something way bigger than anything else I have ever seen. So simple and minimal but so rich and baroque.”

His curiosity started to analize what he calls “ The Corner Paradox”. Ispired by a world in his mother tongue called ‘konjkâv’ (konj = coin = corner and Kâv = Cavity = to dig) which literally means to dig the corner and the translation of this world in english is ‘curious’.He started to realize when he painted his first corner that he have found the perfect territory for his curiosity to investigate. He took the principle and he used for his drawings and applied it to volume.

“This relentless activity changed my way of seeing things. I quickly became a ‘hub’ between my interior world and the environment around bursting everything through my creative grid.”

 He started to getting interested in combining cubes (or volume pixels also called Voxels) as material for creativity, using an identical basic form and creating endless combinations. He uses those protocols to produce the perfect environment for imagination development and creativity growth.

“I believe that artists have always revealed to the world the relationship between individuals and their environments. In this way, I try to use what is in my capacity to do the same.”





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