Contemporary meditations on masculinity, sociality and identity by William Fice

Contemporary meditations on masculinity, sociality and identity by William Fice

Graduating from Leeds Arts University in 2020, William Fice creates a world where the figures take on an almost ghostly presence .

William assembles his paintings through loosely gestured layers of colour. An intensely saturated image arises and repositions the mundanity of the everyday into an altered, more inviting space. He incorporates a direct use of outline to provide the image with a structure as well as to accentuate the figure, movement and body languages that are being performed by his subjects.

Photo Courtesy: William Fice

“My work is essentially sharing a perspective of young manhood from lived experience. In terms of the imagery itself, I purposely look for images where figures are spread out across a composition, lounging and loitering, as if they’re waiting for something. There has to be a sense of boredom where not really much is happening in terms of a narrative or a behaviour is being expressed as a result of boredom.”

William believes in art as the freedom to explore ideas unique to perspective – Art as a culmination of thoughts, feelings and interests interchanging with life experience, creating an opening into a world that serves as an extension of one’s self. In William’s case, he is recording and presenting back a different way of looking at something that might not be acknowledged otherwise.

“When I build a criteria for selecting images my choices are definitely influenced by the types of images I’m exposed to daily; particularly the image culture that surrounds fashion, music and film and what people visually prioritise within these images. The perception of self-image expressed by these fields is something I’m drawn to; possibly their ability to inflict feelings of desire. It’s an idealised image and imitation of life that definitely feeds into an aesthetic I’m searching for.”

Williams’s first solo online exhibition; ‘Waiting Room’ has now been extended until the 31st March.Curated by Patrick Davies Contemporary Art, the show consists of a body of 15 small scale paintings.




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