Pablo Linsambarth: a juxtaposition between everyday life and timeless scenarios

Pablo Linsambarth: a juxtaposition between everyday life and timeless scenarios

Raised in a family environment where they allowed him to express himself as best he could, Pablo Linsambarth represent fictional and surreal scenes where the main axis is timelessness and the enigmatic.

Artworks by Pablo Linsambarth has an aesthetic that fuses the pictorial and graphic, joining everything by a multicolored palette and dark contours, which makes it look somewhat “saturated” from the forms, figuration and color, almost bordering on the neo expressionist and sometimes “naif”.

“For me art is an autonomous language, which has its own forms and codes, which tries to “dialogue” with the observer, without having any major pretensions to communicate something specific. But rather, only approximations.”

He studied Fine Arts at Universidad de Chile, the same institution where he obtained his MA in Visual Arts.

Currently he is working in a secondary school as a teacher of Visual Arts and Technology and in his art workshop, where he dedicates much of his time on the production of his pictorial works.

The Media that he works are mainly painting, video and installation, although the painting plays a prominent role in “how he thinks or start a work, independent of the medium to use“, that is, it is the starting point of any project or productive process.

“My greatest inspiration is the biographical and topics related to memory, both personal and collective. I am very interested in the everyday, the combination of ordinary elements in juxtaposition to the “curious” characters that I represent. I think I am quite inspired by the memories, archives, photographs and experiences of my childhood, especially in relation to the beach house that we have as a family. The familiar is always present.”

In 2021 Pablo Linsambarth will have several personal and collective projects. A Solo Show in Santiago in the “Gallery 3.14”, which will be curated by José Manuel Díaz, collector and collaborator at the Ch.ACO Fair and FAVA Foundation.

In another exhibition he will participate in collaboration with the artistic platform “One Moment Art” in a project related to video and performance. In addition, he will have another Solo Show at “Taller Navarrete”, where he will present a series of processes and “B-sides” more oriented to the graphic and experimental, where there will be drawings, quick paintings and ceramics. 





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