Music 4 Futuristic Lovers #2| RokeLabs

Roke Labs creates music that shines in a world of despair and confusion giving us a glimmer of hope of what we can be when we act as one.

Roke labs (Aka Vincent Prado) is a vocalist and producer.He took the name “Roke” from his favorite childhood novel “A Wizard Of Earthsea” and added the “Labs” because he pictures himself as a mad scientist when it comes to make music.

Roke labs‘ music creates parallels worlds ignoring what is already establish, refusing to settle down into something predictable and by reshaping the music soundscape. Roke Labs finds beauty in total confusion.

Experimenting with haunting vocals, glitches, samples and granular synthesis, Roke labs has let anxiety, melancholy, hopes & fears run wild trough his albums navigating the surreal world of ambient and electronic music, taking us into foggy soundscapes we never imagine could exist.

SONICA, an experimental production his work, has captured just the right amount of attention and praise.

Whether you’ve followed his discography (Available on Spotify) since the beginning of last year or are only discovering him now, SONICA feels like the true introduction to Roke Labs.

We at Heroes Of Tomorrow Magazine asked Roke Labs to create a mixtape for us and here’s what he got to say:

“I grew up listening to mixtapes by Cut Copy, Flight Facilities and The Avalanches, so I was really excited about this, creating my very first mixtape for Heroes Of Tomorrow”