“Bloom”: the new manifesto by Alphonse Maitrepierre for the next Fall|Winter 21

MaitrePierre Fall|Winter 21

Maitrepierre’s AW 21 collection tells the story of spring in winter, «Bloom» is a flowering, a positive invitation to rethink the body by imagining new lines, delicate, opulent, soft, fun, sculptural «flower women».

For the next fall|winter collection,Alphonse Maitrepierre felt the need in the current context to speak of flowering, of life impulse, tobe inspired by the female singers of the 50s that he listened to during quarantine, by the volumes offlowers that he saw through the window.

Torn between the sometimes gloomy reality and a virtua llife that allows to escape from home. The idea of blossoming and blooming is combined with a kind of maturity.

A strange mix between whole afternoons wrapped up in his duvet, exploring artists’ archives during quarantines or simply walking in the open air that we cherish so much nowadays .

This AW21 collection uses Haute Couture codes, XXL volumes, which contrastwith raw and incongruous materials totally upcycled: recycled fleeces, linen sheets and 100% virginwool blankets, but also a seaweed-based silicone developed by a nautical laboratory in Amsterdam.

This collection was made possible thanks to Le Relais, already a partner the previous season, which provided 100% of the raw materials: wool blankets and linen sheets.

This season Alphonse Maitrepierre also unveils a collection of sunglasses created in collaboration with Emmanuelle Khanh.

The vision of Eva Gaumé and Alphonse Maitrepierre combine to create a capsule of three sunglasses.

From his own research on the history of grooming, a form of vanity that he considers an in-tricate act that is both personal and fun; the work of Alphonse Maitrepierre around the combinspires the starting point.

This collaboration is born from an irresistible desire for creative freedom, sealing anartistic and friendly partner-ship, where creativity and savoir faire combine. Around the glasses, which transcend 2 silhouette as well as creative disposition, Emmanuelle Khanh and Maitrepierre assert a joyful spirit with dual personality.

Together they represent hybrid sunglasses that are wearable, exceptional and Couture all atonce.

They remain a fashion accessory incorporating a signature of audacious style.

This collab revisits a rectan-gular frame based on the EK9010; a unisex 1980s style withcomb-shaped temples availablein three different colourways.

The choice of material is a reference to classic tortoise shell which is traditionally used in manufacturing both high-end combs and eyewear accessories.

Photo Courtesy: Alphonse Maitrepierre | Autrement pr




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