Dr Gindi’s sculptures: Bronze-cast mediums to discover our own infinity

Dr Gindi is a kind of Albert Camus though in the identity of a sculptor. Her visualized images share, with Camus’ literary-philosophical images, a certain existential maze and mental relief.

Dr Gindi’s chimerical creations have been a cornerstone of sculpture for the last couple of years. She masters what many cannot match – she reclaims the infinity of our existence without falling prey to sprained rationality. Originally educated as medical doctor, she centers her inquiry on the human condition, in which seismological shifts are the base line for reaching to a boundless expanse. Her sculptures become, in bronze, cast mediums enabling us to discover our own infinity – it is up to us to free ourselves from the weight of selfhood in order to enhance the infinite sphere of our existence.

I am trying to capture moments of choice. My sculptures pause for an instant, they are momentarily solidified in their robe of bronze. We don’t know what will happen next.

Sancta’s Broken Halo – H58 x W46 x D34 cm, Bronze 2021
Photo Courtesy: Dr Gindi

The protagonists in her sculptures are true anti-heroes, they don’t claim to save the world although they ultimately might just do so – as their souls rise from shacked singularity to enlighten the whole of humanity. Sancta’s Broken Halo for instances shows a young woman wearing an injured nimbus of light. Dr Gindi doesn’t explain why the halo is broken, we might only guess that Sancta experienced a rift in her hitherto life – a disambulation, a disruption, a deception. Is she going to experience fear, augmented by restraint and suffering obligation? Is she silently and tragically waning away? Or is she, as Camus would put it, expanding into an absurd yet indefinitely open future?

We don’t know where Sancta’s yearning will lead her. She is confronted with the almost irreducible fact of humanness: the intricacy of being. But we know that she is eventually going to find her way. Full of light and yet tender in her intrinsic presence, Sancta’s fondness of infinity is palpable – she is sparkling with gold.

Dr Gindi goes beyond Camus in one essential point: With Sancta’s Broken Halo, she unmasks the void of the absurd and lends purpose and meaning to it. Our yearning for infinity is not on the far side of our comprehension – it is here, there and now: it waits for us to seize it and it is to be lived, thoroughly and sincerely.

With heightened sensuality, Dr Gindi communicates through sculptures instead of arguments. And she invites us to be inspired by her very sculptures: when espying them we might be able to radiate bliss in that daring exploration of our infinite self.

Life opens up all possibilities. Once we throw ourselves into one or the other direction, our sculptured future unfolds. We live, finally.





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