Last days of the 5th edition of SMACH, the international biennial of Dolomite Land Art

The 10 winners of the SMACH international Land Art competition will be on display till September,12. These works have been installed in protected areas of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and can only be reached on foot. This is an innovative green art, glocal project.

SMACH is an international Land Art Biennale created in 2012, based on an idea from Michael Molling and supported by Katharina Moling and Gustav Willeit. The international competition is held every two years, and the 2021 edition saw applications double to over 1000 projects, submitted by applicants in 72 countries across the globe. The open space, contemporary art exhibition takes place in Val Badia, set in the Dolomites – a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009 – and their vast landscape and culture. Every edition features a jury of industry experts which selects 10 artists by means of an international open call. The submitted projects must converse with the natural setting they will be placed in as well as with the Dolomites’ cultural, historical, and architectural heritage: a constructive and profitable exchange of local, national, and international work.

SMACH works with local stakeholders and local institutions and promotes art, the land, and culture seen as form of cultural tourism, as well as representing a meeting point for lovers of art and nature, tourists, and artists.

SMACH’s 2021 theme is the word “fragile”, intrinsically connected to our current life. Participants were given free rein to express their creativity, techniques, and content. However, they were required to always bear in mind the effect they might have on the landscape and culture they would be working on. Works were selected from among 1061 projects submitted from 72 countries across the globe. Every work was specifically conceived for one of the SMACH locations.

Sara Ambrosini & Giorgia Marchetti | “Metafisica dell’occasione” | Milano, Italia

Atelier Poem: Alice Cecchini & Roman Joliy, “La casa della narrativa” | Urbino, Italia

Nicoletta Aveni & Elisabetta Trussoni | “sup-Portare” | Aosta, Italia

Jose Antonio Barrientos de Oria | “Vial” | Malaga, Spagna

Notta Caflisch | “Nation State or State of a Nation” | Chur, Svizzera

Dimitri Khramov | “MAMA” | Samara, Russia

Arturs Punte & Jekabs Volatovskis | “Fragile silence” | Riga, Lettonia

Giacomo Savio | “Blu delle Dolomiti” | Nola, Italia

VAZ: Andrea Ventimiglia & Alessandro Zotta | “2035” | St. Gallen, Svizzera

Xinge Zhang & Jiaqi Qiu | “Fragile as a rainbow” | Beijing, Cina





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