Yavar art projects and Mauricio Esnore present “Profiles”

Graffiti art

“Profiles” is a series of hand drawn works by Chilean graffiti artist Mauricio Esnore about transformation and the possibility of becoming someone/something else.

Mauricio Esnore is a self-taught graffiti artist and painter that examines the links between graffiti and art, using a direct pictorial language through abstract painting and illegal graffiti.

“Now we are witnessing how the human being begins to tamper the genetic code, to manipulate the tree of life and to convert himself into the owner of life and death, thus trespassing the last border, turning another into his creature and becoming himself a destroyer of creation.”

The series comprises 11 artworks on paper made with graphite pencil, markers and lacquered acrylics. All works are hand singed and numbered by the artist. 


Graphite pencil, marker and lacquered acrylic 

21 cm x 28 cm 

Canson Paper _300grs

Hand signed and numbered

More info: Yavar Art Projects