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DALPAOS Fall-Winter 22-23

Nicola D’alpaos last collection pays homage to his place of origin,”Dolomites”, by focusing on the extreme sports that can be practiced in these areas, the colors of the sky and nature visible only at certain altitudes and the reinterpretation of the aesthetics that characterize these places.

Nicola D’alpaos is part of a new generation of Italian designers protagonist with a fresh and creative vision of made in Italy.

DALPAOS focuses on an aware selection of materials and a sustainable development process.

CORDA FW 22-23 collection is inspired by the mountain as strength and freedom. It is the place where the brand has been conceived and where DALPAOS‘ creative headquarters is located: at the foot of the Dolomite chain. Omnipresent in different ways in previous collections such as in tangible or hidden technical materials, in plant prints that favor high altitudes, in the reinterpretation of typical local
garments in a contemporary key as well as in many other details, the mountain has always been an integral part of DALPAOS DNA.

A first focus is on trekking and climbing. Aged denim and classic fabrics are rebuilt with detachable harnesses. Climbing ropes become coulisse for hoodies and trousers. Chalk bags are transformed into precious mini bags in upcycled suede. And climbing carabiners are used to join parts of a garment offering the possibility to reinvent the wearing.

Hang gliders and paragliders offer various creative ideas for the development of the collection. Soft cotton trousers feature quilted knee pads and belts created with safety hooks. Padded vests recall the jackets worn for paragliding flights. Coats with a classic and rigorous cut are combined with technical materials through half rings and carabiners inspired by the harnesses of hang gliders.

The same paragliders and hang gliders are revealed on upcycled and organic cottons through allover prints created with natural water colors but also with single prints on the back of technical jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts and trousers.

The classic Tartan and Check patterns, ribbed fabrics, virgin wools and knitwear are combined with recycled fibers such as polyester to create a balance between classic and modern, between tradition and future. Denim is selected for the development of trousers and jackets in shades of faded and aged fern green, in a brighter green with checked pied de poule designs but also in the classic blue revisited with itinerant details such as slings and climbing accessories.

Mushrooms create a fil rougue with the previous winter collection: redesigned by hand worn on transfer and silk-screen prints, embroidered, but also proposed as internal details to outerwear on patch pockets. The same are also revealed as mini and maxi 3D printed accessories, structured with recycled woods and hand-finished designed to be hung with special carabiners on classic cut jackets as well as on precious angora and wool coats.

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