Rebecca Mzwei grew up studying Greek and Latin literature in Italy, which strongly influenced her vision of humanity and eventually led her to found Sehnsucht Atelier in 2020.

Rebecca Mzwei is Paris – based stylist. Sehnsucht Atelier shapes a universe of poetic nostalgia inspired by mystical and yet powerful creatures from an ancestral and eternal past.

The brand seeks to engage with the mystery that resides deep into us, translating this research into elegant, sensual, and yet severe designs.
Entirely made in Italy, all manufactories are based between Emilia Romagna, Veneto, and Milan accordingly with the brand’s will to champion local artisans and promote Italian craftsmanship. 95% of the fabrics are organic and eco-friendly certified GOTS – silk, chiffons, satin, velvet, silk -crepon, lace, vinyl and vegan leather made out of apple skin.

The brand’s lines are conceived as different Chapters of an on-going story rather than canonic collections. The Chapters come to life out of different worlds – Dostoevskij, Fellini, Lynch, Thomas Mann, Tarkovsky, Pasolini, Bergman, Gogol but also Joy Division, Black Sabbath, Smashing Pumpkins, Eliane Radigue, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Neu. The works of these artists invade the creative space as a schizophrenic melting pot to meet the designer in a particular mood or state of mind which will translate into a unique Chapter each season.
The creative process focuses on bringing organicity to chaos, mapping out new codes throughout the contaminations of multiple aesthetics. Punk, Fetish, Victorian and Romanticism, these aesthetics converge into fluent and sinuous silhouettes shaped by black corsets. These contrasts are also reflected into the choice of materials which is a mix of fine fabrics and raw details such as safety pins, hookand- eye, and ropes.

The brand philosophy is also defined by the use of black as main color. Commonly linked to negativity – darkness, grief, obscurity, Sehnsucht Atelier identifies black as a positive element. In ancient history, black represents the color matrix. The Genesis is described as absence of light; darkness is conceived as the uterus giving birth to all worlds.

Black represents the starting point towards lights and life.

“The creatures of Sehnsucht Atelier find themselves into an atemporal dimension, embracing the demons that contribute to shape our most authentic and spiritual self through an odyssey towards self-acceptance.”

Sehnsucht Atelier’s deep link to music and performative arts led to the creation of The Fucina Project. Translating as “the place where ideas are forged” from Italian – this space is a visual diary entirely dedicated to different artists who have been invited to give their personal interpretation of the collections.